Pay The Price

Another tale of hearts for sale

Get them quick before they get stale

Never worry if they match

Life will bring another batch

The broken hearts have been discarded

Left alone, to spoil unguarded

Only another broken soul

Would dare to pay the heavy toll

Although they may be bought for cheap

The heart you get you may not keep




Bound To Fear


She walks along in stony ire

An emotion that does not expire

In solitude so profound

To her fear, forever bound

All her dreams end in fire

Imagined consequences always dire

Her hope she desperately tries to drown

Never again to be an others clown




Just Another Day… Anniversary

It was supposed to be our day

I will not be spending it with you

Although I may shed many tears

They will not alter my view

I do not regret the choice I made

My heart was broken

I could not have stayed

That ring became just like a blade

All that I feel is anger and shame

Loss and sadness add to my pain


It is not you that I mourn so deeply

It is the loss of a dream

Of a hope

A promise of a future

The words that we spoke

Wile I was busy working on we

It took time to notice you forgot about me

The sorrow this freedom causes

Cuts as deep as being deceived

All I can do is sit here and bleed








Please understand

This is not the way things should have been

In this life I was supposed to win

Instead I start over, again and again

How much time do I have left to spend


This is not about money or fame

How did life become such a strange game

A steady and noble course was my aim

I would give anything to hide my shame

Everyone knows what I became


I pick myself up to try again

Only this time the goal isn’t to win

I will proudly live with my sins

I’m tired and just want to watch the world spin

Contemplate just how to begin