She talks to you of love

The moon and stars above

Laying tangled in the grass

Her mind empty, heart is glass

Treasure all that she has said

Without your ears her words fall dead

As the year begins anew

Make sure she knows, what she means to you

When your love begins to grow

She will always trust your soul





Don’t Forget

Never good enough

My love you did rebuff

Hurtful words said off the cuff

Forgiveness is not tough


Guilt and shame endure

Could I ever be secure

My heart no longer pure

How can I be sure


Lonely minds do seek

Comfort from the meek

Affairs are not unique

Of emotions I dare not speak


My heart and mind are guarded

I don’t want to be discarded

Worries surround what’s been started

My hopes and dreams must not be bartered


Don’t forget

You may regret

Infatuation already beset

Our needs may not be met


Do be kind

Keep in mind

A human is what you’ll find

There can be no rewind


Fears rule my thoughts

Tie me up in knots

I wish I had forgot

Don’t leave our minds to rot



What I Have Learned


With acceptance we learn to be flexible

Trust is a gift you give to others

Love must be freely given without an expectation of it being returned

Forgiveness is the key to setting yourself free

Compassion is how we show our love, a way to look outside of self

Passion give us courage and self-esteem

Truth and honesty open our hearts and clears our soul

Knowledge must be freely shared but can’t always be learned

I pray that we all look up from our feet






To trust again is the bravest thing I could do

Will I forever question the intentions of others

Can I not believe my own eyes and ears

Is my intuition so misguided that I can’t trust

Even my own heart

The very simple makes me question

All words weighed and balanced

Faces watched and eyes searched

Hidden meanings, agendas questioned

I can not tell of my heart

My thoughts and dreams

All kept close at hand

It would be brave

If only I could be so naive