True Love

To know true love

What would you see

Does that hope

Look like me


Is it a feeling

Person or place

Or could it be that one perfect face


If you could name it

What would you say

A perfect moment

The bright sunny day


Is it warm

Safe and serene

Must it be beautiful

Pretty and clean


Calmly wrapped in each others arms

Content with out disarming charm

Do you have expectations in place

To muddle the dream

To set the pace


True love is nothing

More than a promise

To walk through life

Open and honest






A sadness


Deep and true

Lonely musings without you

Time that passes

One hour

A year

It does not matter

Your just not here

Thoughts and feelings

Tumbling around

Hopes were shattered on the ground

Mistakes were made

They led to sorrow

Can’t be repaired

By tomorrow

Pick up the pieces

To carry on

Gray light surrounds

There is no dawn

I will carry you in my heart

No matter how long we’re apart


View Of Fear

I wrote Not Always The Victim three months ago. I didn’t publish it publicly because I am ashamed of the way I feel. I don’t want to see myself as a victim. I want to see myself as strong, independent and just like everyone else. I don’t want to admit that I am afraid. I don’t want others to see me in this light either. Yet this is how I feel. Since writing this I have worked hard to make a safe place for healing and growth. I feel I have been mostly successful. Yet I still struggle with my insecurities.

I share this link Not Always The Victim now  because I believe that voicing my fear will help me heal. I hope that it may help others give voice to their own pain and fears. I know now that we all have the right to feel safe. To feel like we belong. I believe that loving and being loved is the only way out of this circle thinking. The problem is finding the strength to reach out.

May we all find a safe place to heal.



Don’t Love Me

You don’t have to love me

There is no written law

I will love you anyway

Whether near or far

If you can not see it

My mind it may be blue

Whether or not I love you

Has not to do with you

It is the way you treat me

That dictates what I show

If you can not feel it

Look at what you know

So, you don’t have to love me

But remember what I say

If you are not kind to me

You will not know today

No matter what I feel for you

It is true you may not know

For it is how you treat me

That dictates what I show






Some of them are sticky

Some of them are true

Some of the words you read

Don’t belong to you

Some of them are happy

Some of them are sad

Some of what you read

Will really make you mad

Some of them are serious

Some of them are bold

Yet this is what I really want

If the truth be told

I hope that you find feeling

No matter what it said

For just one minute of your day

I hope you leave your head





The rain falls rhythmically on the day

She sits in her quiet space

Pondering the particulars of her life

What brought her to this place

Is this a place she can stay

Pushing away all reminders of strife

Calming her mind to a slower pace

Lulled into calmer thought

She almost forgets the hardest part

Where she sits is not her home

Forever she is destined to roam