Let It Go

Although time has passed they still come to me

In my dreams they still torment 

Even in their death memories do not decompose 

Logic tells me I am no longer in danger 

My heart yearns to trust 

To give my all to another these thoughts must abate

There is no room for hate

Fear and torment will not be my fate

There will be a way 

I still have faith 

By, TJP 


Quilted Heart

Fragments once scattered 

Stitching together 

Slowly mending 

Once torn and broken

Never to be new again 

Beautifully patched 

Imperfectly lined 

Still useful 

Strong in purpose 

With gentle care 

Loving service will last

Until time wears away the past

By, TJP 

The River 

I wanted to touch the depths of you 

You ran too deep

I wanted to soak in your comfort 

You were too cold

I hoped to relax in your strength 

You were too turbulent 

I hoped to just be near you

You were too hard

I thought to walk away 

Your pull was too strong

I thought I might soothe you

You let me have no power 

I ran 

That your mighty water might continue to expand 

By, TJP 


Don’t judge me, 

Based on what you can do.

On your expectations of me.

Why can’t I just be?

Do you really think I’m lazy?

Hard or unkind.

I do the best I can.

I’m sorry I have to take my time.

I would not ask for help,

For what I can do myself. 

Please don’t think I don’t try.

You see me as flawed. 

Not whole.

Your judgment touched my soul.

I can’t show you the pain I live.

I hope you never have to feel,

The limitations that for me are so real.

I will continue to do my best.

It’s okay that’s not enough for you.

For me, this is my truth.

I will always assume

That you do the best that you can do.
By, TJP 

Suffocating Love

His love covered me

Heavy blankets of wet wool

Weighing me down 

Suffocating darkness surrounded 

I picked away at those heavy fibers 

One strand at a time

Tiny holes appeared 

Helped me see the light

Giving me hope to fight

Easing the burden 

Able to reach out

Others I could finally see

Already they were reaching for me

With their love

From the blankets of shame

I was set free
By, TJP 

Wavering Resolve 

This is how I wanted it

Exactly what I said

Am I but a coward 

Dreams running through my head

Keep your heart away from me

Just don’t you go to far

I want you to be close to me

Not so close, you see the scars

I want to share me with you

But only just so much

I can not tell you everything 

Only that I want your touch

This is what I wanted

Exactly how I said

When I close my eyes at night

Wishes, fill me with dread