To Return

My heart waits

Where the light begins

I will return

To reclaim you my friend



Still Time


I walk with you

Hand in hand

You know I am your biggest fan

Remember, my love for you is pure

Yet in my heart I can’t be sure

I know you love me

Tried and true

Yet you have better things to do

To you I say take my hand

Let go for today

No worries for plans

For there may soon come a time

When you will miss

You will not find

My hand in yours

Our ties unwind

Don’t forget to see today

The things you might miss

From yesterday




Lonely Flower


Here I hang a lonely flower

Waiting for my final hour

Death will come

My last petals fall

My only hope

If there is hope at all

Did I nourish another soul

Was there purpose

How do I know

I’ve hung here my whole life you see

Waiting for someone to notice me

The bee’s they buzz and hang around

For a moment I’m briefly found

But what I truly hope to see

Is another to smile because of me





20160725_203058 (1)

You brighten our days

Only to leave us in the dark

We could chase you from coast to coast

Yet you would still leave

There are times when obstacles dim your light

We keep hoping for your warmth

Cowering in the dark we pray for your return

As though you have left for good

Knowing that you have never truly disappeared

We long for you

Pray for you

At times we have tried to capture your beams

Desiring to keep you for our own

Alas we fail only to be brightened again by your glow