Assent Not Needed

You told her that you think of her

She knows that it’s a lie

For if you truly thought of her

Never would she cry

No longer does she pine for you

Now she knows her worth

Her struggle to feel accepted

From the moment of her birth

Has ended with a single thought

She has a place here on this earth





Spring Rain

The snows of winter

Melt into the rains of spring

Bringing with it the promise of new life

New hope

Our cold outer shells melt

With the warming temperature of the sun

We shed our layers

With new energy

The honking of the geese

Returning from their winter vacation

Giving voice to our excitement

Knowing it’s just a short time

Until picnics on the beach

The joy of cool water on hot skin

Long nights of friends

And bonfires

The smells of sweet

Pungent flowers floating on the air

And fresh-cut grass

Joyful shrieks and giggles

From the children

Freed from confinement

For just a moment we can pretend

All is right with our world

No loneliness

Or pain

Grateful for the simple pleasure

Of a spring rain








I do not want to live for you

Nor you to live for me

Just stand with me

By my side

Through eternity

What I imagine

It should be like

Is not what I have found

I don’t want to be a wife

Or carry you around

I will not ask that you carry me

Just give me one small gift

Show me that

Compassionate love

Really does exist

I will walk the world with you

No matter good or bad

Promise to hold on to you

When ever you are sad

Walk with me

Hand in hand

I promise to let go

You do not need to hurt me

Just need to let me know







I walked along the waters blue

I figured I would think of you

Instead I found the sun’s warm bliss

I’ve never known warmth like this

The sky’s they darkened

Then came the rain

I thought that I would feel the pain

What I felt was pure delight

No longer worried of my plight

I hoped that I could stop and share

The sweetness of the cool night air

There was no one there to see

Could all of this be just for me

As I continued down the path

Not knowing when I’d breathe my last

I thought that I would be alone

For I had never found a home

This also proved to be untrue

When I looked up

There stood you