Silent Eyes

Tell me did you hear my heart

It spoke to you from the start

Words that did not reach my lips

Sang out, from my finger tips

In my mind, was only air

But my soul dared to care

Could you see it dance around

I know my eyes made no sound

The response I had, was strong and true

Yet what I felt, came from you





Our Poem

All of my nights are yours
My days spent thinking of you ensures
My love for you will endure
On my mind you are always
In your arms my heart stops
Your song calms my mind
Our soul’s paired
Our heart’s have been spared
All of me belongs to you
Your light etched into mine
Reaching for you with more than my hands
Accepting your touch
Responding with more than my body
I will wait for you to return to me
Counting the minutes of every day
When you’re not here
I will carry the memory of your arms
Your body
Your heart
Entwined with mine always