Old pangs sneak in

Not always in the cover of night

An ache, loneliness

Deep and hollow

Not to be filled by a shared touch

A longing, stretching over a lifetime

Not soothed by laughter

Emptiness, once filled with time

Now feeling the depletion

Of time slipped away

Every day holding hope

Hiding the truth

Letting a smile shine

Praying for that eternal love

Understanding it may never come

Not content with superficial covers

Searching the depths of the soul for an answer

Learning to love herself





Thank you for the compliment.

It is not about my ego when you give me a compliment and I don’t respond the way you hoped I would. 

It is not about my self esteem when you say I am nice things and pretty words that I don’t accept. 

It does not mean I don’t believe these things about myself. 

It means I don’t believe you know me well enough to make these statements. 

It means I don’t trust your sincerity. 

It means that I think you have other motives for your words than expressing to me your view of me. 

I appreciate a nice compliment. They can brighten a dark day. 

If you are disappointed by my response then it is your motives that need to be examined. 

Your ego that needs to be checked. 

Your self esteem that needs to be looked at.