Reach Out

There are those who grow up with others by their side

Family, friends those who live their story with them

Who know them inside and out

People they can always turn to for support, comfort or to share laughter and joy

What about those who have no one

For what ever reason faced life alone

Fast friends come and go

Trusting only themselves

No one to call in good times or bad

To take their hand

Those who sit alone with their longing to connect with another

Lacking the faith to allow another to touch their heart

Can the loneliness be cured





Let It Go

Although time has passed they still come to me

In my dreams they still torment 

Even in their death memories do not decompose 

Logic tells me I am no longer in danger 

My heart yearns to trust 

To give my all to another these thoughts must abate

There is no room for hate

Fear and torment will not be my fate

There will be a way 

I still have faith 

By, TJP 


It’s far to easy to crawl inside

That empty place I like to hide

I fill it up as I wish

A playground, bed or a favorite dish

The scene of quiet solitude

A place that darkness can’t intrude

A great big space

Or tiny hole

It does not matter I make the mold

I will always have a home

That can’t be taken, bought or sold

As long as my mind is sharp you see

I carry imagination inside of me





I truly want to sympathize 

Yet I can’t 

And you know why

I just want to rant and rave

Scream at you

Make you feel shame

For all that you have put me through 

The hurt you caused

And sorrow too

Yet none of this would I do


I can’t afford to carry blame 

Anger, hatred or the pain

My life depends on forgiving you

That is exactly what I’ll do


But don’t expect me to pretend

That all is well and be your friend

I may forgive

Yet won’t forget 

I don’t care you feel regret 

This is more than fortitude 

I no longer feel for you

By, TJP 


I wonder what it’s like for you

To walk this world always blue

The sun is shining bright and gay

Yet in your mind there is only gray

The storm it shows on your face

You do not believe you can leave this place

Stuck in a time of hurt and pain

Wrapped up in sorrow there will be no gain

You see no smiles or kindness true

Even right in front of you

When others around you dare to laugh

You resent their joy, I hear your gasp

Although you want to play along

You can not hear the beautiful song

Closed up, shut down, in walls you hide

A place that only misery can reside

Your fear you know will be your end

Please fight and learn to love again





View Of Fear

I wrote Not Always The Victim three months ago. I didn’t publish it publicly because I am ashamed of the way I feel. I don’t want to see myself as a victim. I want to see myself as strong, independent and just like everyone else. I don’t want to admit that I am afraid. I don’t want others to see me in this light either. Yet this is how I feel. Since writing this I have worked hard to make a safe place for healing and growth. I feel I have been mostly successful. Yet I still struggle with my insecurities.

I share this link Not Always The Victim now  because I believe that voicing my fear will help me heal. I hope that it may help others give voice to their own pain and fears. I know now that we all have the right to feel safe. To feel like we belong. I believe that loving and being loved is the only way out of this circle thinking. The problem is finding the strength to reach out.

May we all find a safe place to heal.