Let It Go

Although time has passed they still come to me

In my dreams they still torment 

Even in their death memories do not decompose 

Logic tells me I am no longer in danger 

My heart yearns to trust 

To give my all to another these thoughts must abate

There is no room for hate

Fear and torment will not be my fate

There will be a way 

I still have faith 

By, TJP 


Quilted Heart

Fragments once scattered 

Stitching together 

Slowly mending 

Once torn and broken

Never to be new again 

Beautifully patched 

Imperfectly lined 

Still useful 

Strong in purpose 

With gentle care 

Loving service will last

Until time wears away the past

By, TJP 

Take Your Time


20170516_105911Hope soars in the arms of a friend

Loved just enough to stand up again

Though you are strong

Can stand on your own

With a friend, you’re never alone

When the nightmares of life hold you back

Just take a breath

It’s not an attack


Touched by hands gentle and kind

Don’t close your eyes

Open your mind

Pretty words cause feelings and want

Just enough to scatter your thoughts

Walking through life hand in hand

May have never been the plan

Take your time

Sit quietly

With your heart

You’ll start to see










You have suffered the brunt

Of my unmet needs





Here you stand by me

Neither of us see

The light in the night bleeds

Emotions continue to seethe

Your back to mine

You stand my flack

Never once to give it back




My words attack

You keept me on track

Stopped the bleed

Filled the need

I never had to plead

All you gave was free

At the time I was not able to see

Thank you for loving me




Don’t Forget

Never good enough

My love you did rebuff

Hurtful words said off the cuff

Forgiveness is not tough


Guilt and shame endure

Could I ever be secure

My heart no longer pure

How can I be sure


Lonely minds do seek

Comfort from the meek

Affairs are not unique

Of emotions I dare not speak


My heart and mind are guarded

I don’t want to be discarded

Worries surround what’s been started

My hopes and dreams must not be bartered


Don’t forget

You may regret

Infatuation already beset

Our needs may not be met


Do be kind

Keep in mind

A human is what you’ll find

There can be no rewind


Fears rule my thoughts

Tie me up in knots

I wish I had forgot

Don’t leave our minds to rot



Letting Go

Walk along the lonely beach

No one there to hear my speech

I tell my story once again

Words whisked away by the wind

In the silence that remains

My mind alone it speaks your name

As my last tears fall to the ground

I raise my eyes and look around

Truly here I am finally safe

Your memories I can replace

I whisper once more to the wind

I will dare to live again






Still Time


I walk with you

Hand in hand

You know I am your biggest fan

Remember, my love for you is pure

Yet in my heart I can’t be sure

I know you love me

Tried and true

Yet you have better things to do

To you I say take my hand

Let go for today

No worries for plans

For there may soon come a time

When you will miss

You will not find

My hand in yours

Our ties unwind

Don’t forget to see today

The things you might miss

From yesterday