Propriety has its place

Do you have her take your name,

that you may save her grace

Your reasons must be deeper,

than to just avoid disgrace

A promise need not be written,

to be honored or erased


Do you think you will still love her

As the ink that has recorded your love fades

Will you still hold her

When the paper that your commitment is registered on turns gray

Will your passion for your time together continue

After the signatures of declaration can no longer be read

Will you still kiss her

When the witnesses have all fled


She wants nothing from you,

other than your say

And she will stand beside you,

no matter how dark the day

Her hope that you will be the one,

the light to show the way

For her choice to love again,

she will never have to pay











Your Wall

I fought through your walls

Just a small hole

Squeezing in that little space

I hoped to find the real you

I searched and spied

Shining my light where I could

Begging for the love

I hoped you had hidden there

I found darkness and despair

I prayed that my light would warm you

I thought that I could

Draw the good from behind your walls

All I found was anger and fear

Wrapped up in silent tears

I almost couldn’t find that hole

Running to save my own soul

There was so much damage letting go




My Promise

I promised to never leave

To love you forever

Until death do us part

In sickness and health

I broke my promise


That promise was given with honesty

With all the love and sincerity that I had

It was not made thinking I would ever have to leave

You would do and say what ever you wanted

You forgot to respect me

It did not mean that no matter what you did I would accept it

Although I tried


I’m sorry that I broke my vow

I know you blame me for leaving

I betrayed you

How could you expect me to stay

It wasn’t that bad you say

You would have stayed


Had I been stronger

You would not have changed

I say

I was the one who was betrayed