Silent Eyes

Tell me did you hear my heart

It spoke to you from the start

Words that did not reach my lips

Sang out, from my finger tips

In my mind, was only air

But my soul dared to care

Could you see it dance around

I know my eyes made no sound

The response I had, was strong and true

Yet what I felt, came from you





Silly Girl

She takes refuge in your arms

As you lie across the bed

Warm thoughts cross her mind

Filling her with dread

Alarms sound deep inside 

A silly girl she said

Time to walk away

Afraid she’ll loose her head

She knows you know her thoughts 

No way that can she stay

You know in the end

Both of you will pay
By, TJP 

Don’t Forget

Never good enough

My love you did rebuff

Hurtful words said off the cuff

Forgiveness is not tough


Guilt and shame endure

Could I ever be secure

My heart no longer pure

How can I be sure


Lonely minds do seek

Comfort from the meek

Affairs are not unique

Of emotions I dare not speak


My heart and mind are guarded

I don’t want to be discarded

Worries surround what’s been started

My hopes and dreams must not be bartered


Don’t forget

You may regret

Infatuation already beset

Our needs may not be met


Do be kind

Keep in mind

A human is what you’ll find

There can be no rewind


Fears rule my thoughts

Tie me up in knots

I wish I had forgot

Don’t leave our minds to rot



Beg My Lover

Really I don’t mean to beg

Thoughts of you have filled my head

Your lips on mine, please take my hand

You’ve lit a fire I can’t withstand

In your arms I want to be

Through my desire I can not see

Only you can quench this flame

You only have to speak my name

Please don’t make me wait too long

My need for you has become so strong

Your touch became a drug to me

Lover please do hear my plea








Forget Me

When you finish playing

Would you be mine

I will hide my tears

Biding my time

I won’t stand in line

I may tell you

What it is I feel

I won’t let you have me

Until I can heal

It may never be

That you will choose

As simple as it is

To let me love you

Can you be faithful

Could it be true

It is always possible

You I will lose

I know I’m not pretty

I know I’m not smart

But I will always love you

Deep in my heart





Forever Friends

Would it be too easy

Fall into your arms

Would we not regret

Weary of our charms

Conscious of the pain

Others must not be harmed

Now I know I love you

I must hold my peace

Allowing life to settle

I slay the inner beast

When it is your ready

Which ever way you choose

Just know that in our hearts

We don’t have to lose