Old pangs sneak in

Not always in the cover of night

An ache, loneliness

Deep and hollow

Not to be filled by a shared touch

A longing, stretching over a lifetime

Not soothed by laughter

Emptiness, once filled with time

Now feeling the depletion

Of time slipped away

Every day holding hope

Hiding the truth

Letting a smile shine

Praying for that eternal love

Understanding it may never come

Not content with superficial covers

Searching the depths of the soul for an answer

Learning to love herself




Wavering Resolve 

This is how I wanted it

Exactly what I said

Am I but a coward 

Dreams running through my head

Keep your heart away from me

Just don’t you go to far

I want you to be close to me

Not so close, you see the scars

I want to share me with you

But only just so much

I can not tell you everything 

Only that I want your touch

This is what I wanted

Exactly how I said

When I close my eyes at night

Wishes, fill me with dread

By, TJP 

Beg My Lover

Really I don’t mean to beg

Thoughts of you have filled my head

Your lips on mine, please take my hand

You’ve lit a fire I can’t withstand

In your arms I want to be

Through my desire I can not see

Only you can quench this flame

You only have to speak my name

Please don’t make me wait too long

My need for you has become so strong

Your touch became a drug to me

Lover please do hear my plea










A sadness


Deep and true

Lonely musings without you

Time that passes

One hour

A year

It does not matter

Your just not here

Thoughts and feelings

Tumbling around

Hopes were shattered on the ground

Mistakes were made

They led to sorrow

Can’t be repaired

By tomorrow

Pick up the pieces

To carry on

Gray light surrounds

There is no dawn

I will carry you in my heart

No matter how long we’re apart


Forever Friends

Would it be too easy

Fall into your arms

Would we not regret

Weary of our charms

Conscious of the pain

Others must not be harmed

Now I know I love you

I must hold my peace

Allowing life to settle

I slay the inner beast

When it is your ready

Which ever way you choose

Just know that in our hearts

We don’t have to lose