Between The Pages

Her heart waits

Suspended in time

Without breath

Skipping beats

A pause, refreshing

Yet achingly slow

Delaying the excitement

All hope placed

In the writing of the next chapter

The anticipation of a story

Not yet set to print



Finding Joy


Can you be happy

Right where you are

With out a new house

Or shiny new car

Can you find joy

On the darkest of days

Or does it take things

To fill up that space

Talk to yourself

Honest and true

Would you have troubles

Would you be blue

If you could just stop

See where you are

Look at the trees

Study the stars

A smile or tear

Both natural states

Yet you can find peace

Standing in place

For I’m telling you

On the coldest of days

A smile from a friend

Can light a new way




I am happy to write that today my daughter became a mother. At 6:49 am my daughter delivered a 8 lb 21 in baby girl. She labored and delivered at home like a champ. Both are healthy and doing well. Thanks given to the universe for both of them. I could not be any more proud of my daughter. I hope her daughter brings her as much love and joy as my daughter continues to bring me. May their path be light and obstacles never more than they can handle.