Between The Pages

Her heart waits

Suspended in time

Without breath

Skipping beats

A pause, refreshing

Yet achingly slow

Delaying the excitement

All hope placed

In the writing of the next chapter

The anticipation of a story

Not yet set to print



Working Man

Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire

Sang in meadows

Dancing on air

Even in the poring rain

Dreams of love

Sweep you away

Stories of bright shining days

Fill you with hope

Of love that will stay

The life of a working man

Could it ever be so grand

Picnic’s on a white sand beach

Seem so far out of reach

Yet your dream so warm and true

May it some day come to you…



Finding Joy


Can you be happy

Right where you are

With out a new house

Or shiny new car

Can you find joy

On the darkest of days

Or does it take things

To fill up that space

Talk to yourself

Honest and true

Would you have troubles

Would you be blue

If you could just stop

See where you are

Look at the trees

Study the stars

A smile or tear

Both natural states

Yet you can find peace

Standing in place

For I’m telling you

On the coldest of days

A smile from a friend

Can light a new way



Forever Friends

Would it be too easy

Fall into your arms

Would we not regret

Weary of our charms

Conscious of the pain

Others must not be harmed

Now I know I love you

I must hold my peace

Allowing life to settle

I slay the inner beast

When it is your ready

Which ever way you choose

Just know that in our hearts

We don’t have to lose








Happiness isn’t a given. It is something that must be sought out and groomed. Loved and fed to be maintained. Just like any other feeling, emotion or state of being. Anger, love, fear, peace these all must be maintained. You must nurture it and even then it will leave you and you must seek it out again. You will find it. Nothing ever stays the same. When you find happiness again you will again have to nurture and feed it in order to keep it even for a short time. It is not something that can be given to you, yet you must accept it. It must be a feeling that you want and in order to keep it you must share it but it can not be given to another. They must find and accept their own.

Work hard to find your happiness and when you accept it don’t forget to care for it. When you have it you must share it with another.