Looking In


On the outside looking in

This is where her life begins

Wanting what she sees inside

It’s not the things, though they are nice

Not even warmth from the night

The yellow glow from the window spreads

Good feelings for the life ahead

Those who dwell inside you see

Live a life of harmony

There is no anger in those walls

No need to hide when darkness falls

As the night turns into day

Those inside begin to play

She says a prayer down deep inside

That this, their home, she may reside

Forgive her when she stops to stare

For in your window the hearts laid bare

Never has she hoped to be

A part of a home where love is free



Reach Out

There are those who grow up with others by their side

Family, friends those who live their story with them

Who know them inside and out

People they can always turn to for support, comfort or to share laughter and joy

What about those who have no one

For what ever reason faced life alone

Fast friends come and go

Trusting only themselves

No one to call in good times or bad

To take their hand

Those who sit alone with their longing to connect with another

Lacking the faith to allow another to touch their heart

Can the loneliness be cured




An Inspired Woman

Her strength inspires me

The woman I could never be

Faith weaved though a hard-fought life

Tears were swallowed not curdled by strife

A smile worn with a heavy heart

Though she was torn apart

She stayed and grew, in the end

It was her freedom she would win

Her family grown

Her life her own

She would finally reap, all she has sewn

For what she’s given was her best

I hope she leaves with no regrets

Though this woman, I could never be

Her love and strength are her legacy

I’m so grateful for her time with me






The Lesson

Because you couldn’t love me

I learned to love myself

Because you wouldn’t accept me

I learned to accept myself

Because you had no compassion

I learned to be compassionate

Because you could only hate

I learned to love

Because you could only hit

I learned to be gentle

Because you only had bad words to say

I learned to use kind words

Because you could not teach

I learned …..




I am happy to write that today my daughter became a mother. At 6:49 am my daughter delivered a 8 lb 21 in baby girl. She labored and delivered at home like a champ. Both are healthy and doing well. Thanks given to the universe for both of them. I could not be any more proud of my daughter. I hope her daughter brings her as much love and joy as my daughter continues to bring me. May their path be light and obstacles never more than they can handle.