Propriety has its place

Do you have her take your name,

that you may save her grace

Your reasons must be deeper,

than to just avoid disgrace

A promise need not be written,

to be honored or erased


Do you think you will still love her

As the ink that has recorded your love fades

Will you still hold her

When the paper that your commitment is registered on turns gray

Will your passion for your time together continue

After the signatures of declaration can no longer be read

Will you still kiss her

When the witnesses have all fled


She wants nothing from you,

other than your say

And she will stand beside you,

no matter how dark the day

Her hope that you will be the one,

the light to show the way

For her choice to love again,

she will never have to pay










Spring Rain

The snows of winter

Melt into the rains of spring

Bringing with it the promise of new life

New hope

Our cold outer shells melt

With the warming temperature of the sun

We shed our layers

With new energy

The honking of the geese

Returning from their winter vacation

Giving voice to our excitement

Knowing it’s just a short time

Until picnics on the beach

The joy of cool water on hot skin

Long nights of friends

And bonfires

The smells of sweet

Pungent flowers floating on the air

And fresh-cut grass

Joyful shrieks and giggles

From the children

Freed fromĀ confinement

For just a moment we can pretend

All is right with our world

No loneliness

Or pain

Grateful for the simple pleasure

Of a spring rain







Clear Your Conscience

Open your mind

Willing and kind

Honesty to unbind

Change the script

No room to slip

Heed my tips

Healing begins

At the end of a pen

You don’t need to win

Freedom from pain

So much to gain

Clear away the stain

Use your voice

You have a choice

Your heart will rejoice

Tell a trusted soul

Become whole

Let go of control

Own your mistakes

Apologize, do what it takes

Be humble, not fake

You are not alone

The path you have been shown

Your life will become your own

Trusted friends you will find

When you clear your mind

You will find the world willing and kind



Self Seeking Slips Away

I walk along try not to see

All the suffering in front of me

I’m too stuck in my own pain

All this stress hurts my brain

I am slow to understand

If I reach out and take a hand

I will end my distress

But I pretend I could care less

Overwhelmed I hide in shame

I won’t even ask your name

What it is I think I need

Is someone strong to care for me

As selfish as I’d like to be

To ease my guilt and set me free

I must reach out and be a friend

So I can learn to live again