Looking In


On the outside looking in

This is where her life begins

Wanting what she sees inside

It’s not the things, though they are nice

Not even warmth from the night

The yellow glow from the window spreads

Good feelings for the life ahead

Those who dwell inside you see

Live a life of harmony

There is no anger in those walls

No need to hide when darkness falls

As the night turns into day

Those inside begin to play

She says a prayer down deep inside

That this, their home, she may reside

Forgive her when she stops to stare

For in your window the hearts laid bare

Never has she hoped to be

A part of a home where love is free




Propriety has its place

Do you have her take your name,

that you may save her grace

Your reasons must be deeper,

than to just avoid disgrace

A promise need not be written,

to be honored or erased


Do you think you will still love her

As the ink that has recorded your love fades

Will you still hold her

When the paper that your commitment is registered on turns gray

Will your passion for your time together continue

After the signatures of declaration can no longer be read

Will you still kiss her

When the witnesses have all fled


She wants nothing from you,

other than your say

And she will stand beside you,

no matter how dark the day

Her hope that you will be the one,

the light to show the way

For her choice to love again,

she will never have to pay











It’s far to easy to crawl inside

That empty place I like to hide

I fill it up as I wish

A playground, bed or a favorite dish

The scene of quiet solitude

A place that darkness can’t intrude

A great big space

Or tiny hole

It does not matter I make the mold

I will always have a home

That can’t be taken, bought or sold

As long as my mind is sharp you see

I carry imagination inside of me





Old pangs sneak in

Not always in the cover of night

An ache, loneliness

Deep and hollow

Not to be filled by a shared touch

A longing, stretching over a lifetime

Not soothed by laughter

Emptiness, once filled with time

Now feeling the depletion

Of time slipped away

Every day holding hope

Hiding the truth

Letting a smile shine

Praying for that eternal love

Understanding it may never come

Not content with superficial covers

Searching the depths of the soul for an answer

Learning to love herself




Found Wanting

I see the want

Not quite disguised

A brilliant flash in your eyes

I wonder do you understand

Why you can not be my man

My flaws you see will always stand

Our cause will wither from demand

That one of us or both you see

Will crumble under scrutiny

One day again, will come a time

Where it won’t matter that I am kind

You will come to regret your choice

But only after you steal my voice

The past caused so much pain to me

You altered me eternally

Forgiveness has been given free

Yet the memories will never leave

It is fun for us to dream

Imagine all that we could be

Time that’s passed could be redeemed

To entertain the pleasant thoughts

Will turn our hearts into knots

Poison then would trickle in

Rotting out our very skin

I do not want to lose my friend

I was not enough from the start

I can not give you back my heart







I walked along the waters blue

I figured I would think of you

Instead I found the sun’s warm bliss

I’ve never known warmth like this

The sky’s they darkened

Then came the rain

I thought that I would feel the pain

What I felt was pure delight

No longer worried of my plight

I hoped that I could stop and share

The sweetness of the cool night air

There was no one there to see

Could all of this be just for me

As I continued down the path

Not knowing when I’d breathe my last

I thought that I would be alone

For I had never found a home

This also proved to be untrue

When I looked up

There stood you




Working Man

Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire

Sang in meadows

Dancing on air

Even in the poring rain

Dreams of love

Sweep you away

Stories of bright shining days

Fill you with hope

Of love that will stay

The life of a working man

Could it ever be so grand

Picnic’s on a white sand beach

Seem so far out of reach

Yet your dream so warm and true

May it some day come to you…