Spend some time today

Hear the voices

Listen with your heart

Make new choices



Take Your Time


20170516_105911Hope soars in the arms of a friend

Loved just enough to stand up again

Though you are strong

Can stand on your own

With a friend, you’re never alone

When the nightmares of life hold you back

Just take a breath

It’s not an attack


Touched by hands gentle and kind

Don’t close your eyes

Open your mind

Pretty words cause feelings and want

Just enough to scatter your thoughts

Walking through life hand in hand

May have never been the plan

Take your time

Sit quietly

With your heart

You’ll start to see











Don’t judge me, 

Based on what you can do.

On your expectations of me.

Why can’t I just be?

Do you really think I’m lazy?

Hard or unkind.

I do the best I can.

I’m sorry I have to take my time.

I would not ask for help,

For what I can do myself. 

Please don’t think I don’t try.

You see me as flawed. 

Not whole.

Your judgment touched my soul.

I can’t show you the pain I live.

I hope you never have to feel,

The limitations that for me are so real.

I will continue to do my best.

It’s okay that’s not enough for you.

For me, this is my truth.

I will always assume

That you do the best that you can do.
By, TJP 

What Love Looks Like

I took hope from your wisdom

I don’t need you

Strength from your words

I want you

Love from your compassion

The difference

Thirst for the world

Is in the choice

I could choose not to love you

Denying my voice

In choosing you

I have found

These wonderful things

No need to make changes

No need to take stock

In our separate worlds we walk

Yet our hands meet

Our hearts in comfortable companionship

Who we are apart

Made better together

I am here because you are who you are






Would You Look?

Would you take my hand

if you saw me on the ground

Would you help me up

or just step around

Would you give me food

if I told you I had need

Would you walk away

afraid you’d be deceived

Would you just assume

I am too lazy to get a job

Maybe I’m a junky,

a fool or just obscene

Maybe I’m a drunk

falling on myself, unclean

What if I am ill

body broken, torn and bent

Or along with my home

my mind it slowly went

If you can’t afford to help

you don’t have to be rude

Simply lend a hand

just an ear would do

So before you walk away

let me tell you what I know

I am one of God’s children

just like you

You know?