Assent Not Needed

You told her that you think of her

She knows that it’s a lie

For if you truly thought of her

Never would she cry

No longer does she pine for you

Now she knows her worth

Her struggle to feel accepted

From the moment of her birth

Has ended with a single thought

She has a place here on this earth





The River 

I wanted to touch the depths of you 

You ran too deep

I wanted to soak in your comfort 

You were too cold

I hoped to relax in your strength 

You were too turbulent 

I hoped to just be near you

You were too hard

I thought to walk away 

Your pull was too strong

I thought I might soothe you

You let me have no power 

I ran 

That your mighty water might continue to expand 

By, TJP 


Don’t judge me, 

Based on what you can do.

On your expectations of me.

Why can’t I just be?

Do you really think I’m lazy?

Hard or unkind.

I do the best I can.

I’m sorry I have to take my time.

I would not ask for help,

For what I can do myself. 

Please don’t think I don’t try.

You see me as flawed. 

Not whole.

Your judgment touched my soul.

I can’t show you the pain I live.

I hope you never have to feel,

The limitations that for me are so real.

I will continue to do my best.

It’s okay that’s not enough for you.

For me, this is my truth.

I will always assume

That you do the best that you can do.
By, TJP 


A smile doesn’t always reflect how I feel

Tears don’t always mean I’m sad

Anger hides my fear

Laughter masks my pain

Pride covers shame

To you it seems a game

For me it’s all the same

I am able to feel

Not broken or bent

Neither twisted or spent

No need to vent

Accepting my shield 

My heart is filled

My emotions are mine

Not for you to define 

By, TJP 

Clear Your Conscience

Open your mind

Willing and kind

Honesty to unbind

Change the script

No room to slip

Heed my tips

Healing begins

At the end of a pen

You don’t need to win

Freedom from pain

So much to gain

Clear away the stain

Use your voice

You have a choice

Your heart will rejoice

Tell a trusted soul

Become whole

Let go of control

Own your mistakes

Apologize, do what it takes

Be humble, not fake

You are not alone

The path you have been shown

Your life will become your own

Trusted friends you will find

When you clear your mind

You will find the world willing and kind



What Love Looks Like

I took hope from your wisdom

I don’t need you

Strength from your words

I want you

Love from your compassion

The difference

Thirst for the world

Is in the choice

I could choose not to love you

Denying my voice

In choosing you

I have found

These wonderful things

No need to make changes

No need to take stock

In our separate worlds we walk

Yet our hands meet

Our hearts in comfortable companionship

Who we are apart

Made better together

I am here because you are who you are