Reach Out

There are those who grow up with others by their side

Family, friends those who live their story with them

Who know them inside and out

People they can always turn to for support, comfort or to share laughter and joy

What about those who have no one

For what ever reason faced life alone

Fast friends come and go

Trusting only themselves

No one to call in good times or bad

To take their hand

Those who sit alone with their longing to connect with another

Lacking the faith to allow another to touch their heart

Can the loneliness be cured





Bound To Fear


She walks along in stony ire

An emotion that does not expire

In solitude so profound

To her fear, forever bound

All her dreams end in fire

Imagined consequences always dire

Her hope she desperately tries to drown

Never again to be an others clown




Suffocating Love

His love covered me

Heavy blankets of wet wool

Weighing me down 

Suffocating darkness surrounded 

I picked away at those heavy fibers 

One strand at a time

Tiny holes appeared 

Helped me see the light

Giving me hope to fight

Easing the burden 

Able to reach out

Others I could finally see

Already they were reaching for me

With their love

From the blankets of shame

I was set free
By, TJP 


I truly want to sympathize 

Yet I can’t 

And you know why

I just want to rant and rave

Scream at you

Make you feel shame

For all that you have put me through 

The hurt you caused

And sorrow too

Yet none of this would I do


I can’t afford to carry blame 

Anger, hatred or the pain

My life depends on forgiving you

That is exactly what I’ll do


But don’t expect me to pretend

That all is well and be your friend

I may forgive

Yet won’t forget 

I don’t care you feel regret 

This is more than fortitude 

I no longer feel for you

By, TJP 

Twisted Love

Love can be patient

Love can be kind

More often it’s angry

Jealous and blind

Hurtful words said in haste

In a hope to replace

Behaviors not liked

Selfishness ignites

Eyes of love can not see

When feelings of need

Over take our minds eye

That love quickly dies

It’s not love then you say

To this I say nay

The heart and the mind

Can quickly divide

True love it could be

But twisted are we





View Of Fear

I wrote Not Always The Victim three months ago. I didn’t publish it publicly because I am ashamed of the way I feel. I don’t want to see myself as a victim. I want to see myself as strong, independent and just like everyone else. I don’t want to admit that I am afraid. I don’t want others to see me in this light either. Yet this is how I feel. Since writing this I have worked hard to make a safe place for healing and growth. I feel I have been mostly successful. Yet I still struggle with my insecurities.

I share this link Not Always The Victim now  because I believe that voicing my fear will help me heal. I hope that it may help others give voice to their own pain and fears. I know now that we all have the right to feel safe. To feel like we belong. I believe that loving and being loved is the only way out of this circle thinking. The problem is finding the strength to reach out.

May we all find a safe place to heal.




They haunt the halls

Stalking the shadows of my mind

Turn around

Stay in the light


Stay busy

Hope with all my might

Still they find me

Sucking me into the darkness

Fighting to break free

Crying on the floor

Not real anymore

Begging to be safe, secure

Never knowing when they will come

Running always towards the sun

Avoid the shadows

Filling time

Simple tasks

Don’t run, just hide

Dreading when it’s time for bed

All my monsters fill my head

Toss and turn

Crying out

Awake, asleep

Filled with doubt

Scrub away my darkest stains

Look away to hide my shame

I’ll let you think that I am strong

The truth is I hide all day long