The Relationship Path

I have found a soul I wish to spend my time with. I worry about the intensity of the feelings I have for this new relationship. I believe my feelings to be genuine. But I doubt my intuition, my instincts. I worry about the damage that could come of such feelings should they not be returned or falling into another cycle of love, fear, hiding my own needs. I know how this soul feels. I trust what has been said. I worry that a fire that burns so hot will burn out quickly. I try to quiet my desire to be near, to be wrapped up in this soul. Yet the feeling is so great. I don’t want to hurt another person. I want to set and respect boundaries but I’m not sure I know what that looks like. Do I really want to walk this path. Do I really want to expose myself and another to the potential pain that could come of another broken heart. I want to have faith that it will not happen again. Yet the fear of being hurt and abused is so great. It torments my sleep. Yet I want so much to love and be loved. I’m afraid that I can be blind. I don’t even know after all I have seen how I could possibly be willing to subject myself or another to the path of a relationship. It is a path. It is a walk that is taken hand in hand. It is a long road and must be tended and nurtured. Do I have the strength to do this for another or myself? Why must I have so many doubts? What happens when I fail again?




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