Starting Over

This has been a difficult process starting over, meeting new people, even finding a good grocery store. Setting up my medical care has been a nightmare. I am slowly getting things in place. I am having a hard time not being super down about starting over again at 40. Since my move my RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) has been a major difficulty. Being in the city I didn’t need to drive. Where I am now there are buses but they are a long walk. I am trying to build some stamina and strength. My Yoga is going well but the walks on uneven ground are a problem so I find myself having to use my cane more often which makes me self-conscious.  It can be hard to see that I have a physical disability. My anxiety and depression seem to be letting up some. I will have a therapist soon. I am looking forward to better times to come. I know I can get through this it will just take some time to fully adjust to single life with out kids at home.




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