Separation & Divorce


I am not sad at the end of my relationship with my husband. I am not upset about divorcing him. I am baffled that I could so misjudge another person. I got court papers in the mail yesterday. He is suing me for spousal support. It’s not that he wants money it is that he has so little respect for what I thought we had and for me. I believe that this is just a way for him to find out where I live. A court date has been set. It was kind of like being punched in the gut. Not because I hurt for the loss of him but for the loss of what this should have been. I know it is normal to have these feelings. I just didn’t expect the intensity of it.

Because I moved to another state I can’t file for a separation for 6 months and divorce for a year. I am afraid that he is going to make this more difficult than it already is. Even with no assets there are so many things he could do and it has nothing to do with love or his feelings about me. He is loosing something he felt he owned. So the other side of this is I feel guilt. I don’t have a reason to feel guilty but I do. All of these maybe’s running around in my head. Then the sensible part of me takes over and I know I’m doing the right thing. His current actions prove it. I live on disability. I am below poverty level by a good amount. (I hate to admit it) He won’t be granted support and he knows it so there are other reasons for his actions. I think that is what hurts the most.



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