She talks to you of love

The moon and stars above

Laying tangled in the grass

Her mind empty, heart is glass

Treasure all that she has said

Without your ears her words fall dead

As the year begins anew

Make sure she knows, what she means to you

When your love begins to grow

She will always trust your soul





Stronger Than Hell


I know you are stronger than hell

I have seen you there

I know the price you paid

What you left behind

And what was taken

You changed

You grew

You found freedom

Others won’t make it out

Lives will be forfeit







Propriety has its place

Do you have her take your name,

that you may save her grace

Your reasons must be deeper,

than to just avoid disgrace

A promise need not be written,

to be honored or erased


Do you think you will still love her

As the ink that has recorded your love fades

Will you still hold her

When the paper that your commitment is registered on turns gray

Will your passion for your time together continue

After the signatures of declaration can no longer be read

Will you still kiss her

When the witnesses have all fled


She wants nothing from you,

other than your say

And she will stand beside you,

no matter how dark the day

Her hope that you will be the one,

the light to show the way

For her choice to love again,

she will never have to pay










Live Now

Breathe and time will pass

Too soon to wonder,

Where that time,

Waited for with bated breath,

Disappeared into the past.

Tragically slipping through,

The fingers of the present.

Only praying for the ability,

Holding on to every crumb,

Dear to the heart of the one.

Wishing for the future,

Yet refusing,

Unable to let go.

Forgetting about today!