Blind Pursuit 

She gets stuck in the details

*When his pursuit

Trapped by what if

*Of desires too strong

Wrapped up in hope

*He tells pretty lies

Blinded by trust

*Not meant to defy

Too late she’s caught

*Then he tires

Her faith he’s got

*Lies not sustained

She believed

*His unconscious game



It’s far to easy to crawl inside

That empty place I like to hide

I fill it up as I wish

A playground, bed or a favorite dish

The scene of quiet solitude

A place that darkness can’t intrude

A great big space

Or tiny hole

It does not matter I make the mold

I will always have a home

That can’t be taken, bought or sold

As long as my mind is sharp you see

I carry imagination inside of me




Pay The Price

Another tale of hearts for sale

Get them quick before they get stale

Never worry if they match

Life will bring another batch

The broken hearts have been discarded

Left alone, to spoil unguarded

Only another broken soul

Would dare to pay the heavy toll

Although they may be bought for cheap

The heart you get you may not keep