42 years reduced to a few boxes

Three children

Two marriages

Too many memories to count



In dusty basements

Do you mourn the loss of things

Or the passing of time

Memories behind the cobwebs of denial


Surrounding old with new

Praying nothing happens

Just a few items

Physical proof of a life lived

Special only to the one who holds on

Carried from place to place

A security blanket of hope

Pieces of an old story

Patched into a new one

Anticipation of a brighter tale



Don’t Worry

She worries a lot.

There has been a lot in her life to worry about.

She has seen a lot.

Worry hasn’t stopped her.

She has tried to stop.

She will live.

She will smile.

Her eyes ever vigilant.

Though she sees the darkness.

She will forever stand in the light.


Where is your heart

Laying wast below a layer of dust

Turned to cement by tears

Fishers and bore holes

Allow for just enough sunlight

One single tulip blooms

Protected in the hard shell

A beauty unseen by the outside world

Fully matured longing

Denied an adults foresight

Naive in solitude

Injured again by bursting forth

With out thought

Only to be hidden again

A heart stunted

Cemented by tears


Love is not just a word

It is an action

A moment given

A kiss

Love is compassion


A lingering hug

A helping hand

Love is not reserved

Given freely

Whether or not it is earned

A smile

A handshake

Respect undeserved

Love given speaks of the giver

Yet is not meant for the one who gave

Often over looked

Not always returned

Love is present

Through anger and sorrow

Simple to give

And can not be borrowed

Love is a choice

Not easy to make

At times it even feels like a mistake

Love is dependent on you and on me

To be truly felt it must always be free



Know I want to stand with you

In our darkest times

I will be true

Seasons they, will come and go

Time will change us

We’ll both grow old

As our days turn into night

Even if we grump and fight

When in time our nerves rub raw

Our hearts gone cold

In time will thaw

Compassion and love

Will outlast our plight

If we just hold on

All will be right

To remember how we came to be

Our memories will set us free



The End Begins

Rain pours down

Tears from heaven

Running the ink on the page

A book to be closed forever

Washing away

Heartaches of long past stories

Drowning in puddles of hope

Erasing the records of tragedy

Making way for clouds passing

Opening to the Golden lights of faith



She could never blindly love

For her hearts been,


To find her trust and hold her faith

Will take more,

than just a token

It really isn’t all that hard

Though her feelings,

are unspoken

Wrap your arms around her,smile

Her loyalty,

will remain unbroken

Remember in a world of pain

You must ask for what is needed

Honesty and a little faith,

can never be defeated