Not About The Tears

It’s not all about the tears. They may fall more freely now than they ever had in the past but feeling this pain won’t last. The tears are no longer about suffering. It is now about healing. Letting the tears wash away all of the stains and scars. It’s about being brave. I can now let the tears fall unashamed. Tears now become about learning. Learning to let go and to trust again. Waiting is what it is about. This too shall pass. If I wait long enough there will no longer be tears. It’s about not standing still. For now I have to move with my tears. There will come a time when I can move without my tears but I must move. Now I can live. That is what it is really about. Living the life that I want. One that is healthy and whole. Filled with love and compassion. It’s not about the tears.




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