It is the Fourth of July today. Independence day, I love to spend it with family and friends. That won’t happen this year. This year I will be alone. No fireworks no cookout or picnic or beer’s with friends. No catch, laughter or potato salad. I usually am the one who sets up all of this and get the family together. I am too far away from the kids and friends. I could walk down to the river and watch the fireworks tonight but I won’t. I don’t want to sit in self-pity but I know going will just make the sad and lonely feelings stronger. If this holiday is this hard what am I going to do for the others. My children have their own worries and life now. Some day we will be able to do these things again. It doesn’t hurt being away from my husband. He didn’t like these things anyway and would get irritated by all the people. It’s sad really, he never understood the point of bringing the family together. I really wish I had someone to share this time with. So, here’s to house work and country music.




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