Disappointing Pain

I am having a rough night. Today was a difficult RA day. The pain wasn’t super bad but I was stiff and having a hard time getting my joints to cooperate. There are days when it just works that way. So for most of the day I stayed quiet. Hoping not to start a flair. It worked for the most part but I decided to go grocery shopping. That didn’t go well. I was tired when I got back but I put my back out putting a bag of oranges in the refrigerator. This is super aggravating. As careful as I was today I figured I could get at least that done. The hardest part is trying to predict when it’s going to happen. When my joints will give out is any ones guess. It is overwhelming and very disappointing. I probably will not be able to walk tomorrow. Hopefully it will not take too long to straighten out. I can’t complain too much the last two weeks I have done really well. I will have to be more careful. Just some thoughts for a sleepless night.