Our desires, hate and greed,

A desperation to fill our needs,

Flaws of character that deceive,

Fill us with false security,

Overwhelming perseverance,

To save ourselves all appearance,

Any weakness we discover,

Must be hidden, not uncovered,

What used to be grand traits you see,

Are now considered a fallacy,

Compassion, trust and loyalty,

Have become our enemy,

Fear of loosing what we have,

Of becoming what we perceive as bad,

Close your eyes so you don’t see,

The pain of anothers reality,

Blind yourself with rage and shame,

Forget that others feel the same,

Do not lend, give or take,

Or their life may be your fate,

In this world there can never be,

Any real equality,

As long as we choose not to see,

Anothers true humanity,

Suffering will be the way,

For all of us,

The pain will stay.




I have words to explain

Judge and define

Create beautiful images

In the mind

Ugly words

That hurt and degrade

A few simple words

Brighten a day

When it comes to him

Words I’m denied

Too many feelings

Wrapped up inside

So many words

On the tip of my tongue

I find them inadequate

For expressing my love

So I say nothing

The silence just grows

I pray with my actions

My love I have shown


Looking In


On the outside looking in

This is where her life begins

Wanting what she sees inside

It’s not the things, though they are nice

Not even warmth from the night

The yellow glow from the window spreads

Good feelings for the life ahead

Those who dwell inside you see

Live a life of harmony

There is no anger in those walls

No need to hide when darkness falls

As the night turns into day

Those inside begin to play

She says a prayer down deep inside

That this, their home, she may reside

Forgive her when she stops to stare

For in your window the hearts laid bare

Never has she hoped to be

A part of a home where love is free


But It Is

It’s not the way he holds her

How he pets her hair

The way he looks her in the eyes

Pretends he doesn’t care

The little grin

His smiling eyes

The little things he shares

Takes her hand

Walks by her side

The kisses that impair

There isn’t any single thing

That proves he is her love

She would tell you

It’s so much more

When really it’s just enough


Don’t Worry

She worries a lot.

There has been a lot in her life to worry about.

She has seen a lot.

Worry hasn’t stopped her.

She has tried to stop.

She will live.

She will smile.

Her eyes ever vigilant.

Though she sees the darkness.

She will forever stand in the light.


Where is your heart

Laying wast below a layer of dust

Turned to cement by tears

Fishers and bore holes

Allow for just enough sunlight

One single tulip blooms

Protected in the hard shell

A beauty unseen by the outside world

Fully matured longing

Denied an adults foresight

Naive in solitude

Injured again by bursting forth

With out thought

Only to be hidden again

A heart stunted

Cemented by tears