Spend some time today

Hear the voices

Listen with your heart

Make new choices



The RiverĀ 

I wanted to touch the depths of you 

You ran too deep

I wanted to soak in your comfort 

You were too cold

I hoped to relax in your strength 

You were too turbulent 

I hoped to just be near you

You were too hard

I thought to walk away 

Your pull was too strong

I thought I might soothe you

You let me have no power 

I ran 

That your mighty water might continue to expand 

By, TJP 

Still Time


I walk with you

Hand in hand

You know I am your biggest fan

Remember, my love for you is pure

Yet in my heart I can’t be sure

I know you love me

Tried and true

Yet you have better things to do

To you I say take my hand

Let go for today

No worries for plans

For there may soon come a time

When you will miss

You will not find

My hand in yours

Our ties unwind

Don’t forget to see today

The things you might miss

From yesterday




What I Have Learned


With acceptance we learn to be flexible

Trust is a gift you give to others

Love must be freely given without an expectation of it being returned

Forgiveness is the key to setting yourself free

Compassion is how we show our love, a way to look outside of self

Passion give us courage and self-esteem

Truth and honesty open our hearts and clears our soul

Knowledge must be freely shared but can’t always be learned

I pray that we all look up from our feet