Our desires, hate and greed,

A desperation to fill our needs,

Flaws of character that deceive,

Fill us with false security,

Overwhelming perseverance,

To save ourselves all appearance,

Any weakness we discover,

Must be hidden, not uncovered,

What used to be grand traits you see,

Are now considered a fallacy,

Compassion, trust and loyalty,

Have become our enemy,

Fear of loosing what we have,

Of becoming what we perceive as bad,

Close your eyes so you don’t see,

The pain of anothers reality,

Blind yourself with rage and shame,

Forget that others feel the same,

Do not lend, give or take,

Or their life may be your fate,

In this world there can never be,

Any real equality,

As long as we choose not to see,

Anothers true humanity,

Suffering will be the way,

For all of us,

The pain will stay.



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