She could never blindly love

For her hearts been,


To find her trust and hold her faith

Will take more,

than just a token

It really isn’t all that hard

Though her feelings,

are unspoken

Wrap your arms around her,smile

Her loyalty,

will remain unbroken

Remember in a world of pain

You must ask for what is needed

Honesty and a little faith,

can never be defeated



Never Pretend

I refuse to paint a smile on

Will not pretend

The past did no harm

I won’t just give my trust away

Too many games have been played

Tell me that I live in the past

Just because I watch my ass

I will not forget

I won’t be harmed

Forgive me if I have no charm

If it’s me you want to know

You will have to take it slow


Feed The Flames

Fire rages churning in the barrel

Flames fighting for fuel

Gulping great quantities of oxygen

Racing to its own depletion

Not knowing the intensity

Will soon burn out

Dying down to red hot embers

Cooled to ash if not kindled

Fed from a source outside the flame

If you are the fuel

I will be the oxygen that feeds the flames

Burning white hot

That when there is no more to give

Our embers may out last the oxygen that feeds us


Reach Out

There are those who grow up with others by their side

Family, friends those who live their story with them

Who know them inside and out

People they can always turn to for support, comfort or to share laughter and joy

What about those who have no one

For what ever reason faced life alone

Fast friends come and go

Trusting only themselves

No one to call in good times or bad

To take their hand

Those who sit alone with their longing to connect with another

Lacking the faith to allow another to touch their heart

Can the loneliness be cured




An Inspired Woman

Her strength inspires me

The woman I could never be

Faith weaved though a hard-fought life

Tears were swallowed not curdled by strife

A smile worn with a heavy heart

Though she was torn apart

She stayed and grew, in the end

It was her freedom she would win

Her family grown

Her life her own

She would finally reap, all she has sewn

For what she’s given was her best

I hope she leaves with no regrets

Though this woman, I could never be

Her love and strength are her legacy

I’m so grateful for her time with me