It’s far to easy to crawl inside

That empty place I like to hide

I fill it up as I wish

A playground, bed or a favorite dish

The scene of quiet solitude

A place that darkness can’t intrude

A great big space

Or tiny hole

It does not matter I make the mold

I will always have a home

That can’t be taken, bought or sold

As long as my mind is sharp you see

I carry imagination inside of me




Pay The Price

Another tale of hearts for sale

Get them quick before they get stale

Never worry if they match

Life will bring another batch

The broken hearts have been discarded

Left alone, to spoil unguarded

Only another broken soul

Would dare to pay the heavy toll

Although they may be bought for cheap

The heart you get you may not keep




Old pangs sneak in

Not always in the cover of night

An ache, loneliness

Deep and hollow

Not to be filled by a shared touch

A longing, stretching over a lifetime

Not soothed by laughter

Emptiness, once filled with time

Now feeling the depletion

Of time slipped away

Every day holding hope

Hiding the truth

Letting a smile shine

Praying for that eternal love

Understanding it may never come

Not content with superficial covers

Searching the depths of the soul for an answer

Learning to love herself




Don’t Give Up

My heart walks with you

You are not alone

I relate to your pain

Though your story’s your own

My hope I will share

Until yours can be grown

Please do not despair

Your futures not known


Your destination can change

In the blink of an eye

Ā For better or worse

We all have to die

I see your fear

There’s no need to lie

Inside your own mind

There’s nowhere to hide


First learn to live

To carry some faith

You’ve so much to give

Don’t hide behind hate

The choice must be yours

The pain will abate

You’ll fill up the holes

And face your new fate


The steps that you take

At first will seem slow

The good that you do

Will make you whole

I know that right now

It feels black like coal

I promise you this

There is light in your soul



The RiverĀ 

I wanted to touch the depths of you 

You ran too deep

I wanted to soak in your comfort 

You were too cold

I hoped to relax in your strength 

You were too turbulent 

I hoped to just be near you

You were too hard

I thought to walk away 

Your pull was too strong

I thought I might soothe you

You let me have no power 

I ran 

That your mighty water might continue to expand 

By, TJP 

The Hug

He wraps his arms around me

Strong and warm

Soothing my body 

Easing my storm

My heart swells inside me

I do not resist

I know it is wrong

We should not exist 

A complex addiction 

I should have been strong

A deep seeded affliction 

I know it is wrong 

This hug must be over

Truly must end

Deep in my dreams

I’ll live it again