She walks only in the moonlight 

Dances in the rain

Coming of the dawns light 

Brings her only pain

Laughing in the starlight 

No bitterness remains

Only on the darkest night

Her tears flow unrestrained 

By, TJP 


Tiny buds

Appearing on hibernating life

Waking to warm spring rains

Gently blooming

Drinking life 

From a once frozen earth

Warming the core 

Exploding into vibrant colors 

Seeking to explore

Giving, taking 

Bearing fruit

Basking in the joy

Until the shedding 

Begins again

And the heart will sleep 

Once more

By, TJP 


I lie awake

And think of you

More often than I should

I don’t know 

If good or bad

I just really wish you would 

Leave my mind and let me rest

My dreams of you employ 

Hopes of brighter times that passed 

I truly could enjoy

The pain the dreams bring to me

Remind me vividly 

Of a life I will not live

That path is not to be

By, TJP 

Think Of Me

I wonder what you’d think of me

If I had been so smart

To make a million dollars 

Neglected your poor heart 


I wonder what you’d think of me 

If I went off to war

Left you in an empty home

All alone and poor


I wonder what you’d think of me

If I could work the earth

Grow you beautiful roses 

Would you wonder at their worth


I wonder what you’d think of me 

If I had never felt pain

Would I know to hold you close 

Through the poring rain


I wonder if you’d think of me

All alone and cold

If I had nothing to offer you

Tattered, worn and old


I will always think of you

I want nothing in return 

I’ll pray that you find the kind of life

For whatever it is you yearn

By, TJP 


I truly want to sympathize 

Yet I can’t 

And you know why

I just want to rant and rave

Scream at you

Make you feel shame

For all that you have put me through 

The hurt you caused

And sorrow too

Yet none of this would I do


I can’t afford to carry blame 

Anger, hatred or the pain

My life depends on forgiving you

That is exactly what I’ll do


But don’t expect me to pretend

That all is well and be your friend

I may forgive

Yet won’t forget 

I don’t care you feel regret 

This is more than fortitude 

I no longer feel for you

By, TJP 

See Us

Watching from the 

Corner of our eyes

Fearing connection 

In quiet

We hide

Not from eachother 

It is to the self we lie

Words not spoken

In knots they are tied

Longing unbroken

Emotions denied

Time will slip by

Unspoken hope

In silence will die