Found Wanting

I see the want

Not quite disguised

A brilliant flash in your eyes

I wonder do you understand

Why you can not be my man

My flaws you see will always stand

Our cause will wither from demand

That one of us or both you see

Will crumble under scrutiny

One day again, will come a time

Where it won’t matter that I am kind

You will come to regret your choice

But only after you steal my voice

The past caused so much pain to me

You altered me eternally

Forgiveness has been given free

Yet the memories will never leave

It is fun for us to dream

Imagine all that we could be

Time that’s passed could be redeemed

To entertain the pleasant thoughts

Will turn our hearts into knots

Poison then would trickle in

Rotting out our very skin

I do not want to lose my friend

I was not enough from the start

I can not give you back my heart







Why can I not forget

I feel only regret

The pain I have endured

Leaves me quite assured

Life is only pain

No love will I gain

Through lies and deceit

I had to admit defeat

I don’t know why it’s true

I’m still in love with you





You have suffered the brunt

Of my unmet needs





Here you stand by me

Neither of us see

The light in the night bleeds

Emotions continue to seethe

Your back to mine

You stand my flack

Never once to give it back




My words attack

You keept me on track

Stopped the bleed

Filled the need

I never had to plead

All you gave was free

At the time I was not able to see

Thank you for loving me




Don’t Forget

Never good enough

My love you did rebuff

Hurtful words said off the cuff

Forgiveness is not tough


Guilt and shame endure

Could I ever be secure

My heart no longer pure

How can I be sure


Lonely minds do seek

Comfort from the meek

Affairs are not unique

Of emotions I dare not speak


My heart and mind are guarded

I don’t want to be discarded

Worries surround what’s been started

My hopes and dreams must not be bartered


Don’t forget

You may regret

Infatuation already beset

Our needs may not be met


Do be kind

Keep in mind

A human is what you’ll find

There can be no rewind


Fears rule my thoughts

Tie me up in knots

I wish I had forgot

Don’t leave our minds to rot



Clear Your Conscience

Open your mind

Willing and kind

Honesty to unbind

Change the script

No room to slip

Heed my tips

Healing begins

At the end of a pen

You don’t need to win

Freedom from pain

So much to gain

Clear away the stain

Use your voice

You have a choice

Your heart will rejoice

Tell a trusted soul

Become whole

Let go of control

Own your mistakes

Apologize, do what it takes

Be humble, not fake

You are not alone

The path you have been shown

Your life will become your own

Trusted friends you will find

When you clear your mind

You will find the world willing and kind



Self Seeking Slips Away

I walk along try not to see

All the suffering in front of me

I’m too stuck in my own pain

All this stress hurts my brain

I am slow to understand

If I reach out and take a hand

I will end my distress

But I pretend I could care less

Overwhelmed I hide in shame

I won’t even ask your name

What it is I think I need

Is someone strong to care for me

As selfish as I’d like to be

To ease my guilt and set me free

I must reach out and be a friend

So I can learn to live again