Do you believe 

The power of prayer 

Trusting hope beyond despair 

In a life so full of pain

Do you believe 

With out shame

Spread the truth 

Among the lies

With out faith

Our hearts will die



Working Man

Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire

Sang in meadows

Dancing on air

Even in the poring rain

Dreams of love

Sweep you away

Stories of bright shining days

Fill you with hope

Of love that will stay

The life of a working man

Could it ever be so grand

Picnic’s on a white sand beach

Seem so far out of reach

Yet your dream so warm and true

May it some day come to you…



True Love

To know true love

What would you see

Does that hope

Look like me


Is it a feeling

Person or place

Or could it be that one perfect face


If you could name it

What would you say

A perfect moment

The bright sunny day


Is it warm

Safe and serene

Must it be beautiful

Pretty and clean


Calmly wrapped in each others arms

Content with out disarming charm

Do you have expectations in place

To muddle the dream

To set the pace


True love is nothing

More than a promise

To walk through life

Open and honest




My body cry’s

Heart it aches

How can I make the same mistakes

Over again I tell myself

For me there is no one else

Yet my heart flares with hope

I climb again another rope

Hold on and wait with all my might

Again no hand in the night

I had so hoped that it was you

Who could love a heart that’s true

How is it I could be so wrong

I swear I heard you sing my song

Yet when I faced the light of day

Who you were I can not say

I didn’t even know your name

I cause myself so much pain