What to do with a broken heart

Fractured, shattered 

Torn apart 

I picked up the pieces 

Yet have no glue 

I want to trust 

What is new

Yet my faith is shattered too

It’s not your fault 

I crossed a line

There is no reset

No rewind 

I’m not ready 

To try again 

Is it possible 

To be a friend 

What to do with my broken heart

It was shattered before the start 




A sadness


Deep and true

Lonely musings without you

Time that passes

One hour

A year

It does not matter

Your just not here

Thoughts and feelings

Tumbling around

Hopes were shattered on the ground

Mistakes were made

They led to sorrow

Can’t be repaired

By tomorrow

Pick up the pieces

To carry on

Gray light surrounds

There is no dawn

I will carry you in my heart

No matter how long we’re apart


My Selfish Heart

Friend or lover
It matters not
For it is your heart
That time forgot
Intent means more
Than words to me
In my eyes
No light to see
The truth is there
Not you, it’s me
My mind is broken
Fears too much
I won’t be healed
By a simple touch
My mistake
Reaching out too soon
I hate the damage
My reckless heart could do
Please forgive me
For hurting you 
By, TJP 


What am I

We love each other.

I know it in my heart.

I trust in you.

You are important to me.

Distance is cruel.

Where do I stand?

Uncertainty filling my soal.

What am I

To you?

A friend?

A helper?

A lover?

A long distance someone of convenience?

What am I?

View Of Fear

I wrote Not Always The Victim three months ago. I didn’t publish it publicly because I am ashamed of the way I feel. I don’t want to see myself as a victim. I want to see myself as strong, independent and just like everyone else. I don’t want to admit that I am afraid. I don’t want others to see me in this light either. Yet this is how I feel. Since writing this I have worked hard to make a safe place for healing and growth. I feel I have been mostly successful. Yet I still struggle with my insecurities.

I share this link Not Always The Victim now  because I believe that voicing my fear will help me heal. I hope that it may help others give voice to their own pain and fears. I know now that we all have the right to feel safe. To feel like we belong. I believe that loving and being loved is the only way out of this circle thinking. The problem is finding the strength to reach out.

May we all find a safe place to heal.