What Love Looks Like

I took hope from your wisdom

I don’t need you

Strength from your words

I want you

Love from your compassion

The difference

Thirst for the world

Is in the choice

I could choose not to love you

Denying my voice

In choosing you

I have found

These wonderful things

No need to make changes

No need to take stock

In our separate worlds we walk

Yet our hands meet

Our hearts in comfortable companionship

Who we are apart

Made better together

I am here because you are who you are








They haunt the halls

Stalking the shadows of my mind

Turn around

Stay in the light


Stay busy

Hope with all my might

Still they find me

Sucking me into the darkness

Fighting to break free

Crying on the floor

Not real anymore

Begging to be safe, secure

Never knowing when they will come

Running always towards the sun

Avoid the shadows

Filling time

Simple tasks

Don’t run, just hide

Dreading when it’s time for bed

All my monsters fill my head

Toss and turn

Crying out

Awake, asleep

Filled with doubt

Scrub away my darkest stains

Look away to hide my shame

I’ll let you think that I am strong

The truth is I hide all day long








Don’t Love Me

You don’t have to love me

There is no written law

I will love you anyway

Whether near or far

If you can not see it

My mind it may be blue

Whether or not I love you

Has not to do with you

It is the way you treat me

That dictates what I show

If you can not feel it

Look at what you know

So, you don’t have to love me

But remember what I say

If you are not kind to me

You will not know today

No matter what I feel for you

It is true you may not know

For it is how you treat me

That dictates what I show





Starry Sky’s

I sang among the moonlit sky

Danced across the starry night

The tune that played was soft and smooth

I could not keep my mind from you

You knew exactly what to do

In your arms

You sang my song

I knew this night would not last long

You fade away

With dawns first light

I try to hold on with all my might

The birds they sing

I must wake

Today I’ll live with my heartache

I’ll search for you

When night falls again

I’ll call your name to the wind

Should the moon forget to rise

I’ll wait for you

In starry sky’s





Inner Child

I saw the child

Deep down inside

Curled in a ball

Trying to hide

I reached out my hand

An offer of love

She turned away

With a sad little shrug

She looked back

Anger I saw

She blamed me

For the pain that was caused

I tried to explain

Begged to forget

I turned away

To hide my regret

Then I realized that child was me

I called her by name

She needed to see

I can forgive

All our mistakes

Take her sweet hand

Build a new fate

Laughter and love

The safety we seek

This child and I

What a good life it will be



Dance With Me

Dance with me

On wings of hope

Over the sea

In your arms we’ll float

Above the mountains

Plains and marsh

We will sway

To our private march

Dip and swing

To our quiet song

In my arms we’ll both be strong

Imagine my love

As the world fades away

My heart and yours

Together will play

Our song will rise

Above all worldly noise

Experience at last

All life’s joys

Quietly we’ll rest

My head on your chest