If You Don’t Mind

If you don’t mind

I’ll take some time

Reflect upon a darker time

I know it it’s hard to understand

It’s not your fault

I was dealt this hand

Do please try

To respect my space

No amount of good can erase

The things I’ve seen

What I’ve done

Lives inside

It does not hide

Now and then

I must take a peek

Into the darkness I must sneak

Shining light

Into this space

Helps me heal

Works to replace

Memories sad but true

Sometimes it makes me blue

Yet your love

Gives me hope

My guiding light

Rescue rope

I know it’s hard

Yet I need this time

I truly hope that you don’t mind

I will return

Refreshed, renewed

I have the strength because of you





Still Time


I walk with you

Hand in hand

You know I am your biggest fan

Remember, my love for you is pure

Yet in my heart I can’t be sure

I know you love me

Tried and true

Yet you have better things to do

To you I say take my hand

Let go for today

No worries for plans

For there may soon come a time

When you will miss

You will not find

My hand in yours

Our ties unwind

Don’t forget to see today

The things you might miss

From yesterday




A Lonely Heart

A lonely heart

Knows nothing more

Than the desire for a love that’s pure

A lonely heart

Is a selfish heart

It only knows its torn apart

To let the pain

Carry on too long

Refusing to hear another’s song

A lonely heart

Is a desperate heart

It holds onto its sorrow

Clinging only to tomorrow

That it is alone

Refusing to see

The soul that its attached to

Is worthy of its company

A lonely heart

Refuses to reach out

Expanding its loneliness

Those who love a lonely heart

Just can’t know where to start

It could be that alone

It is sure it has no home

There is no simple cure

Yet should the lonely heart endure

It will find the attention it desires

But it must pass through the fire

It can not wait for another

The lonely heart must discover

If only it could open up

Others would fill it with so much love



Forget Me

When you finish playing

Would you be mine

I will hide my tears

Biding my time

I won’t stand in line

I may tell you

What it is I feel

I won’t let you have me

Until I can heal

It may never be

That you will choose

As simple as it is

To let me love you

Can you be faithful

Could it be true

It is always possible

You I will lose

I know I’m not pretty

I know I’m not smart

But I will always love you

Deep in my heart





Your Wall

I fought through your walls

Just a small hole

Squeezing in that little space

I hoped to find the real you

I searched and spied

Shining my light where I could

Begging for the love

I hoped you had hidden there

I found darkness and despair

I prayed that my light would warm you

I thought that I could

Draw the good from behind your walls

All I found was anger and fear

Wrapped up in silent tears

I almost couldn’t find that hole

Running to save my own soul

There was so much damage letting go




Lost Dream

Did you ever wake

To find a dream

The best damn dream

You’ve ever seen

Walking around with your head held high

It seemed that you could touch the sky

To watch it crumble

Watch it fade

To lose it all

In just one day

Close your eyes squeeze them tight

Praying you forget that night

You try to force reality

To be the dream you want to see

Yet once it’s lost it can not be

Your dream is altered

For eternity