Do not tempt

Do not tease

Learn to love unselfishly

It does not matter what you feel

You must not steal

Do not intrude

Do not allude

Yet then again, don’t be rude

Put on your face a pretty smile

And cover all your worldly wiles

For if another goes to far

You are the one  who wears the scars

Must you accept responsibility

For another persons impunity







Walking through this world

Watching people’s faces

Searching for the masks

Covering empty spaces

Seeing only monsters

Knowing not to trust

Perception or reality

It all becomes too much

Hiding in the dark

Praying for the light

All she has to do

Is make it through the night






Forever Friends

Would it be too easy

Fall into your arms

Would we not regret

Weary of our charms

Conscious of the pain

Others must not be harmed

Now I know I love you

I must hold my peace

Allowing life to settle

I slay the inner beast

When it is your ready

Which ever way you choose

Just know that in our hearts

We don’t have to lose








The rain falls rhythmically on the day

She sits in her quiet space

Pondering the particulars of her life

What brought her to this place

Is this a place she can stay

Pushing away all reminders of strife

Calming her mind to a slower pace

Lulled into calmer thought

She almost forgets the hardest part

Where she sits is not her home

Forever she is destined to roam




I’ve spent my life

Asking why

What did I do

What can I try

Why do they lie

The pain I felt

Haunts my dreams

Feeling Dirty

So unclean

Do I break them

What’s wrong with me

Reasons there I could not see

So many times

It must be me

I tried to love

To beg and hate



Accept my fate

The fear and pain

Was just too much

Fought to trust

There was one thing I failed to see

It was their choice

Their blame

Not me

Selfish ways not understood

A need to hurt all that’s good

I did not cause all this pain

I did not choose

I took the blame

Lived in shame

No longer now do I ask why

I know the truth

I know the lie

I no longer have to cry