Crying Out

Memory comes

Dread overwhelms

Crying out in dreams

Trapped behind closed eyes

A dark world twists and turns

No where to run

Reaching out in the midnight ink

Waking to my own screams




Be Yourself

Be yourself I have been told.

But who am I?

Am I the little boy with the dissability?

Trying to fit in or find approval wherever i can get it?

Am I the teenager who struggles to prove that he is normal?

Perhaps the man who in spite of intence pain works 80 hours a week to provide for his family.

Missing his child growing up?

I have let this dissability run my life.

Am I defined by the anger, the pain, the longing to be loved and accepted?

I dont know myself so how can I be it?

Where do i start?286069_261531367191087_4825574_o

Our Meeting

Photo provided by Doc Detroit


Our meeting was not by chance

We have met before our lovers dance

Each time cut short

One century passed

How was it then you were not by my side

In that place where flour is ground

My ghost you say is all you found

For that brief moment I held you in my arms

Our timing then was all wrong

Yet we heard each others song

I had to go we know not why

It looks like time was not on our side

This love we’ve found

Our hearts call

A promise that will out last us all

Could it be it’s come too late

Will our jaded hearts seal our fate

Can we trust, can we wait

Patience now is what we must have

Our story is not over, only half




Lonely Flower


Here I hang a lonely flower

Waiting for my final hour

Death will come

My last petals fall

My only hope

If there is hope at all

Did I nourish another soul

Was there purpose

How do I know

I’ve hung here my whole life you see

Waiting for someone to notice me

The bee’s they buzz and hang around

For a moment I’m briefly found

But what I truly hope to see

Is another to smile because of me





I sit in silence.

Eyes closed, contemplating the days difficulties.

What will tomorrow bring.

How can I cope.

Will my family be ok?

Where is the money going to come from?

Am i good enough?

I notice my pulse is racing.

I am afraid.

Dont panic.

I focus on my breathing.

In, out,      in,           out,           in

My mind starts to wander.

I imagine myself standing by the ocean.

My breath is the waves coming in.

It turns to white noise.

My mind goes blank.

I am truely content.

Why cant I

Im not sure if its mental.

Im not sure if its physical.

Was I “loved” too much as a child?

Or not enough?

I cant remember.

Is it the many years and millions of miles?

Is it the side effect from an illness?

Or an old long forgotten injury?

All i know is I cant.

With your love and support I will.

I want to and you want me to.

Ill figure out why i cant.

So then I can.

With you by my side Anything is Possible.