I was talking with my therapist today and she asked me to tell her three beliefs that I have that are concrete. Unchangeable, inflexible thoughts that I believed to be an absolute truth. The only belief that I have that feels that way to me is that nothing is concrete. I believe that there are too many variables in life for there to be any hard and fast rules. Are there any absolutes in your life? There are many things that I believe but most can be countered or seen from a different perspective. I don’t believe in all or nothing in thinking it can be dangerous and in life it is limiting. I don’t believe in right or wrong. Just because I think something is wrong doesn’t mean that it is wrong in every situation and same with being right. I think thoughts and life are fluid and I don’t think there is much that fits into nice neat boxes. I think there can be more than one right answer or solution. Do you live by any hard and fast rules?





6 thoughts on “Concrete

  1. There is such freedom in this way of thinking, feeling, perceiving, Tanya. A decisive moment in my life, which I will often reference, was when I came to “realize” there are no absolutes. It just blew me away, and also, really scared me, setting me way off kilter. How are we all supposed to manage if we cannot agree that this dress is gray green? I am happy to say I have grown up a lot since then. Thanks, for your introspection and invitation. Truly, enza

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    • Thank you Enza, I do think that not believing in absolutes free your mind to more choices and a greater perspective which leave you open and more compassionate. It is good to have a plan but it is even better to remember that plan doesn’t have to be followed exactly. Hugs, TJP

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  2. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Nothing is concrete. There are unlimited theories, religions, perspectives, personalities, outcomes, decisions, etc. that persist and change throughout our lives.

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