As I go back over in my mind things that have been said to me in my life I ache a little inside. I wonder if one kind word here or there would have changed much. I know that words are powerful because some of the words said to me cut deeper than a sharp blade. In some cases I would rather have taken a broken bone than the spoken word. I know that words can heal and so can a touch. Words can break a person and so can a touch. I wish people would think about what they say. Yet, maybe they do. Do you think people set out to use their words to hurt others? Maybe to feel powerful or in control? I am more afraid of what someone might say to me then what they might do.

I have only one request. Be kind with your words. Think before you speak and close your mouth when you are angry. If you don’t know if what you will say would do harm than think about what it would feel for you to hear it. I don’t mean be passive. Sometimes things need to be said. Yet you can say what you need to say with sensitivity and compassion. Some things don’t need to be said at all. Temper your response, take a breath before you speak. Love today, give a verbal hug.





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