Love The Trees

Trees black and white


I sit here among the trees

Different bark and different leaves

Dark and light, gray to green

Every shape and size in between

Toward each other they do lean

Roots entwined

So serene

Then I notice birds a flutter

So many of them a different color

Different voices from them come

Yet together they enjoy the sun

Under foot a squirrel just there

They are red and brown, gray and black

Just the hair on their backs

They do not fight, they don’t attack

When the dogs come out to play

I notice too that they are gay

In perfect company of different kinds

They sniff all the butts of every kind

Why is it then the human kind

Choose to hate

Disown, undermine

Just because you are a different kind

You are still human with a heart like mine

The next time you see only skin

Stop and take a look again

No matter what leaves it grows

A tree is a tree don’t you know




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