The Dream


Sounds of the train rumble through the trees

Dew on the ground

Mist swirls with the breeze

No sun breaks the spell

Warmth can’t be felt

A chill from the ground

Goose bumps all around

Senses on high

Every snap of every twig alert your near by

Breathing slow and steady

In the dim light I am ready

This pain you wish to cause

Keeps me hiding and lost

I refuse to stay stuck

Running with the distraction of the train

Thankful for the cool of the overnight rain

I don’t have to live in this pain

The light will burn off the haze

I must be patient

Wait for the brightness of day

The beauty of the river will bring change






I was talking with my therapist today and she asked me to tell her three beliefs that I have that are concrete. Unchangeable, inflexible thoughts that I believed to be an absolute truth. The only belief that I have that feels that way to me is that nothing is concrete. I believe that there are too many variables in life for there to be any hard and fast rules. Are there any absolutes in your life? There are many things that I believe but most can be countered or seen from a different perspective. I don’t believe in all or nothing in thinking it can be dangerous and in life it is limiting. I don’t believe in right or wrong. Just because I think something is wrong doesn’t mean that it is wrong in every situation and same with being right. I think thoughts and life are fluid and I don’t think there is much that fits into nice neat boxes. I think there can be more than one right answer or solution. Do you live by any hard and fast rules?





As I go back over in my mind things that have been said to me in my life I ache a little inside. I wonder if one kind word here or there would have changed much. I know that words are powerful because some of the words said to me cut deeper than a sharp blade. In some cases I would rather have taken a broken bone than the spoken word. I know that words can heal and so can a touch. Words can break a person and so can a touch. I wish people would think about what they say. Yet, maybe they do. Do you think people set out to use their words to hurt others? Maybe to feel powerful or in control? I am more afraid of what someone might say to me then what they might do.

I have only one request. Be kind with your words. Think before you speak and close your mouth when you are angry. If you don’t know if what you will say would do harm than think about what it would feel for you to hear it. I don’t mean be passive. Sometimes things need to be said. Yet you can say what you need to say with sensitivity and compassion. Some things don’t need to be said at all. Temper your response, take a breath before you speak. Love today, give a verbal hug.




What Do You Feel

It matters to me

I don’t want to guess

Your not to easy to read

I want to open my heart

I don’t know where to start

I’ve been torn all apart

Assumptions and guesses

With no true confessions

Have led to many lessons

I don’t care to relearn

I wait for your word

Have you not heard

I’m not psychic it seems

Things I should have seen

Choices made from dreams

Love it’s always ben

You can’t have it on a whim

I must know what I’ll win

I will not break again




Love The Trees

Trees black and white


I sit here among the trees

Different bark and different leaves

Dark and light, gray to green

Every shape and size in between

Toward each other they do lean

Roots entwined

So serene

Then I notice birds a flutter

So many of them a different color

Different voices from them come

Yet together they enjoy the sun

Under foot a squirrel just there

They are red and brown, gray and black

Just the hair on their backs

They do not fight, they don’t attack

When the dogs come out to play

I notice too that they are gay

In perfect company of different kinds

They sniff all the butts of every kind

Why is it then the human kind

Choose to hate

Disown, undermine

Just because you are a different kind

You are still human with a heart like mine

The next time you see only skin

Stop and take a look again

No matter what leaves it grows

A tree is a tree don’t you know




She sits in her robe at the table

Staring out the window onto a dark day

Vibrations of the dishwasher she can feel through the floor

She knows she isn’t good enough anymore

Wishing for a life that is stable

What she wants won’t stay

Feeling the strength in her core

Her life she will restore

No more tears she’s just not able

The mind continues to stray

Heart waiting to soar

Ready for counting a new score








Gripping the chair

Holding on for dear life

Fighting not to drown

Waves of emotion pouring over

Only to recede and wash over again

Breathing is nearly impossible

Squeezing tighter

Momentous effort to gain control

Waves subside

Air coming in gulps

Exhaustion overwhelms

Tension starts to ease

Must hold on

Fight another day

Walking in the world

Waiting for the waves