He may be moody,

She may be stressed,

It may be that time of the month,

Or just a hard day.

But let me tell you…

In those moments we may have a hard time controlling our irritation over the little things,

But remember in those moments our irritation isn’t

A “mood”

It isn’t just a “bad day”

Not just “that time of the month”

It is a truth.

An honesty that we may not speak when we are happy.

Take note.

Those little things matter.



Sometimes you say the most beautiful words

Home and family

Love not unheard

A hug for safety

A touch so superb

Calm and gentle

Harsh words never heard

I want to believe

Watch my heart soar

Yet my mind wispers ever so mean

Remember the scars

Those times in-between

Cold hearts, hands and words

I can never forget

I pull trust from deep in my soul

Sometimes I must live

What my mind doesn’t know



What is sorrow without tears

Anger without words

Pain without relief

Fear with no escape

Where does it go

What is happiness without laughter

Excitement without cheer

Love with no hugs

Joy with no one to share it with

Loneliness runs deep

When judgement seeks

Silence we must keep

Least it shatters the soul

Wisper to the empty

Scream in quiet tombs

Open your heart and bleed

For the universe has room



I know you wanted to

I’m pretty sure you tried

It just didn’t happen

I don’t want to say you lied

I can see it in your eyes

Desire for you has died

A painful compromise

Much harder for you to disguise

I see you

A fight I recognize



A lie put to voice

In a feeble attempt to save the feelings of another

Noble in its intent

Cursed in the heart of the reciever

Bitter in the mind of the speaker

Put forth as a gift

Like boulders thrown to the drowning

Only guilt and regret to be had

The lie given to save anothers heart

Is only to prevent the givers discomfort



Your shame became our hell
A shared nightmare of uncertainty
In your eternal rest do you regret
Do you mourn our ignorance
Or do you laugh in the face of our loss

Your secrets became our heartbreak
Our fruitless search for answers
A sense of tribe lost to us
Within your grave
Do you wisper the answer

Does your soul rest peaceful
While we toil with questions
A puzzle with no known solution
Vague hints left in a genetic trail
That may never reveal our truth