Letting Go

Walk along the lonely beach

No one there to hear my speech

I tell my story once again

Words whisked away by the wind

In the silence that remains

My mind alone it speaks your name

As my last tears fall to the ground

I raise my eyes and look around

Truly here I am finally safe

Your memories I can replace

I whisper once more to the wind

I will dare to live again







Screams carry me through the darkness of the night

Shadows reach for my soul

Unprotected with out my inner light

I seek the one who stole

Terror holds me tight

Bruised by the fight

On my knees I cry

Surrounded by all the lies



And pride

My screams echo through the night

Tears carry me to my light

No longer will I fight

Dawn will not save me from my plight

Shadows continue to shred me thin

Ribbons of who I was

Scattered by the wind



I wonder what it’s like for you

To walk this world always blue

The sun is shining bright and gay

Yet in your mind there is only gray

The storm it shows on your face

You do not believe you can leave this place

Stuck in a time of hurt and pain

Wrapped up in sorrow there will be no gain

You see no smiles or kindness true

Even right in front of you

When others around you dare to laugh

You resent their joy, I hear your gasp

Although you want to play along

You can not hear the beautiful song

Closed up, shut down, in walls you hide

A place that only misery can reside

Your fear you know will be your end

Please fight and learn to love again






Lie to me

Call it love

Light the stars

High above

Just for now

Forget the truth

Recapture the days

Of my youth

Hold on tight

Don’t let go

Forget the guilt

Don’t let it show

In my heart

I know the lie

In my mind

I just want to fly

So lie with me

One last time

Just pretend

You are mine





My ego is not so fragile

That I will fall upon your words

I don’t care you think I’m beautiful

More so than all the other girls

It does not mean that much to me

Your attention won’t make me faint

I will not swoon with your touch

You’re really not that great

I’m not grateful for your time

I did not ask you to spend

I know exactly what I’m worth

And it will not change in the end

It is gross that you would assume

You’d be special in my eyes

I can see that you want me to be

Honored by your lies


Twisted Love

Love can be patient

Love can be kind

More often it’s angry

Jealous and blind

Hurtful words said in haste

In a hope to replace

Behaviors not liked

Selfishness ignites

Eyes of love can not see

When feelings of need

Over take our minds eye

That love quickly dies

It’s not love then you say

To this I say nay

The heart and the mind

Can quickly divide

True love it could be

But twisted are we